Les Concierges

The next gen employee concierge & engagement service

Les Concierges is the world’s largest and finest work/ life benefits provider, servicing over 600 clients at 1300 client sites, providing meaningful on site work focused concierge services to over 1. 5 million employees, at over 17 global cities. This is the finest employee benefit that addresses & resolves real issues such as employee productivity, retention & stress. Our client companies are therefore able to aggressively address hidden costs of employment which inadvertently affect company their bottom lines. Our services are limited only by imagination, to that which is ethical and morally correct!

We ensure an employee’s 24 hours are best deployed to doing that which is critical to them and the company, while we handle their “to-do” list faster & more efficiently, Our concierge are an employee’s personal assistant, travel guide, entertainment adviser, home maintenance guru, errand runner, party planner..” all rolled into one.




Les Concierges provides your employees access to a team of expert concierge 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The service is accessible via toll-free number, email , mobile app or website.

Anything you need. Anytime of the day or night. Anywhere in the world

  • Promote employee productivity and focus at work

  • Enhance employee happiness by allowing them to be stress free

  • Dedicated toll-free number ,web portal and email address specific to only your employee population

  • Web portal that allows for self-service or email submissions across our concierge services

  • Comprehensive marketing communications plan to promote your program and drive awareness including launch materials and monthly outreach

  • Quarterly reporting and an annual review of program results including engagement, utilization, trends and behaviors

  • Plus benefits extended to employees’ spouses/partner




Our onsite concierge programme is a fully designed Concierge desk staffed to meet your unique business needs. We provide a dedicated concierge who works from your company site, takes care of your employees personal to-dos, while they focus on the job at hand – providing you with a competitive edge to recruit top talent and reduce attrition.

  • Enhanced in person experience for employees while they are on-site

  • Development of on-site events to support corporate initiatives and drive employee engagement

  • A central resource for company related information

  • Facilitation and execution of employee events

  • Fully designed and branded Concierge desk in your building or office

  • Concierge – hired, trained and managed by Les Concierges – providing a full suite of convenience services and local errand running

  • Comprehensive employee communications plan to promote the program and drive awareness with development of launch materials and monthly outreach

  • Quarterly reporting and an annual review of program results including engagement, utilization, trends and behaviors

  • Off-site support from Les Concierges digital Concierge team accessible via phone, email or web


Les Concierges is about assisting your employees. Select the services that are most valuable to employees and beneficial to them and we’ll customize the program of your choice. Through our highly trained Concierges and far- reaching partnerships, we offer a world of flexible options

  • Tickets – concerts, plays, sporting events, theme parks, and movies
  • Event planning – birthdays, anniversaries, and reunions
  • Travel and transportation planning
  • Dining reservations and food delivery
  • Personal services—spa, massage, beauty, and fitness
  • Gifts and flowers, purchasing and delivery
  • Mail, shipping and notary services
  • Short- or long-term pet care
  • Home services – house cleaners, landscapers, plumbers, and movers
  • On-site services – dry cleaning, car washing, and notary